Big Savings for Small Business DENTAL & VISION

Benportal is bringing big business benefits to small businesses like yours. Typically, rich benefit plans are only available to large corporations. Benportal has partnered with Ameritas to offer affordable, flexible Dental and Vision plans for your employees. This plan has been significantly enhanced to meet the needs of small businesses while providing excellent benefits for your team.

The combined Dental and Vision rates represent a 24% discount as compared to a similar plan for a much larger group. Big savings with a big benefit!

Please note - dental and vision plans are offered only to those that purchase health insurance via benportal. 

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Some details about our coverage:


Low $50 per calendar year

No family maximum


Max out-of-pocket $1,000 per calendar year

Vision Plan Benefits

Eye Exam as low as $10 (in- and out-of-network) 

Most lenses covered in full 

Frames covered up to $150  

Contact Lens coverage up to $150 

LASIK coverage discount available 

20% off additional complete pairs of prescription glasses and/or sunglasses

Additional Plan Features

Covers implants and child orthodontia 

Rx Discount available 

Dental Rewards® program